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Tension Headaches are very common as we enter the Holiday Season. It seems we often try to do more than we should to try to please everyone, which can cause muscle tension and pain.

Here are a few simple things you can do to both prevent stress headaches from happening and to get rid of them if they do happen:

  1. Use a firm cervical pillow, which will help the neck muscles to rest and recover when you sleep. Soft pillows can often cause the muscles to work harder when you sleep which can sometimes contribute to tension headaches.
  2. Buy an ice gel pack from your local drug store and keep it in the freezer. When you feel like you are stressed out you can ice the neck muscles for 10-15 minutes to reduce the muscle spasms and prevent a headache from coming on. You can also ice after you get a headache. Make sure to use a paper towel between the ice pack and your skin to prevent ice burn.
  3. Roll a hand towel into a roll and put it under your neck. Lie on it whenever you feel stress related muscle tension or a headache coming on. Do this for 5-10 minutes several times per day.
  4. Take a Walk. Not only is Walking good physical exercise, but it may be the necessary mental and neurological respite you may need.
  5. Visit your Chiropractor if you do all of the above and the headaches persist. Your spine may have shifted outside of its proper position. A Chiropractor can gently position it back in place for you, relieving the pressure off those delicate headache nerves.

Hope this is helpful!

Dr. Nathan Cintron
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Protective Chiropractic
At Protective Chiropractic, we focus on the fundamental principle that BETTER structure of the spine can lead to BETTER function of the body. When your body structure isn’t a normal position, conditions and symptoms eventually appear.
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