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Protective Chiropractic - Dr. Nathan Cintron
1404-A Route 9
Clifton Park, NY 12065
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Monday: 11:00am - 1:00pm 
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See what others have to say about our office:

Dr. Nate is a true miracle worker. Whenever I leave the office I feel like a new person. He also helps me to maintain my health between visits via exercise, stretching, and with my daily routine at work with useful advice. I have been to many other offices and I can say Dr. Nate truly cares about his patients and spends quality time understanding how he can help me and others. I am on the go for my career and he always is respectful of my time, and gives me great advice on how to better position myself for a healthy life. I’ve always have had a great experience. I would recommend him to anyone that I know or that is in pain. -Brad S. - Malta

After only 6 visits, there is already relief from left hip pain – activities like walking and swimming are now nearly pain -free! I am very happy with the progress here! -Georgia H. – Troy

When I came to see Dr. Cintron I was not able to continue the exercise program that I had started, let alone complete day-to-day activities. However, after following Dr. Cintron’s plan of care, nutritional and home exercise advice, not only am I pain-free, but the positive changes I’ve made to my lifestyle has me getting off my blood pressure medication! Mark L. - Watervliet

“I suffered with severe numbness, weakness and pain in my arm, wrist, and fingers. My doctor recommended surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Cintron found a reverse curve in my neck causing nerve pressure to the nerves in my arm and hand (double crush syndrome). The chiropractic adjustments corrected my neck and my symptoms are now gone… without surgery! - Jennifer- Halfmoon

Dr. Cintron and his staff are outstanding! The care has been effective and affordable... and the ability to walk-in without an appointment is great for my busy schedule. You won't be disappointed! - Wayne C. - Mechanicville

I was having trouble standing from a sitting position and straightening up, after a long week of heavy lifting at work. I decided after work to go and see Dr. Nate Cintron to see if there was any way he could help me. After an exam and a few X-ray’s and a consult. He took me to a room and gave me an adjustment and on the very first part of the adjustment I felt immediate relief. The rest of the adjustments were all a bonus. I have never been to a chiropractor before and I would highly recommend Dr. Nate Cintron. Thank You Dr. Nate for all Your Help! :) -Walter D. - Watervliet

Dr. Nate Cintron has already made a difference in my life - I no longer have the "Snap-Crackle-Pop" in my neck. He is very laid back yet informative he treats not only the spine, but so much more - whether it is the traction or the vibration machine there has been a change - my fitness trainer has noticed a difference in how I move and in my energy level too. I am so happy that I made this change - great office hours, great personal attention and little to waiting to be seen. -Phil G. - Schenectady

Dr. Cintron not only adjusts my spine to provide relief. He also puts me through a series of exercises in the office to strengthen and maintain the curvature of my spine. He has taken the time to provide the additional help above and beyond simply adjusting me. -Leo P. - Selkirk
I have had recurring rotator cuff, bicep tendinitis and neck pain for over 15 years. In that time I have tried several different healing modalities only to find short term pain relief. Then a couple months ago I met Dr. Cintron at ABC Sports & Fitness where he was doing free pain assessments. Even though it was free, Dr. Cintron did a thorough review of my shoulder and neck and answered all my questions. Being a life-long athlete, I posed several questions concerning working with him while still exercising and Dr. Cintron answered all of them. I decided to meet with Dr. Cintron where he x-rayed my neck and explained why I was having constant neck pain. We then worked together to develop a plan totally focused on healing. As of this writing, I have seen Dr. Cintron 24 times and my pain has dropped significantly while still exercising with weights. Dr. Cintron is an excellent Chiropractor and I highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking pain relief. -Nicholas D. - Latham

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the office. Dr. Cintron is great, he listens to the concerns of the patient and I would gladly refer friends to his office. - Kim T. - Cohoes

Dr. Cintron is a wonderful caring person and his diagnosis and treatment make ABSOLUTE sense to me. My neurologist says I have damaged nerves, but with Dr. Cintron’s help, I know I will walk again ‘without assistance of a cane or using my wheelchair.’ -John F. - Schenectady

I was recommended to go to Dr. Nate by my boyfriend, who is a personal trainer at ABC Sports & Fitness. Although I am in the beginning stage of treatment with Dr. Nate, I’m very pleased so far. He is extremely nice and down to earth. Easy to talk to and explains things thoroughly so I can understand him. I have 110% confidence in him that he will be able to help treat my back. I've been dealing with lower back pain for years and have been treated by other chiropractors in the past. None of them were able to really know the exact problem and were only able to help me feel better for a short period of time. I don’t feel comfortable taking pain meds or getting injections so this was an alternative for me. I would definitely recommend him and plan to refer my friends and family to him. -Jillian M. - Waterford

Dr. Cintron is a competent and caring professional. He takes copious amounts of time with his patients and has a unique approach to chiropractic not seen in many chiropractors' offices. He also has a background in nutrition which is a huge plus! I recommend him very highly! 5 stars! Andrew R. - Albany

The process there is different than any other chiropractic office I've been to. Here, you aren't just adjusted and then sent on your way. Each visit starts with a warm up/stretch of the affected spinal area, then the adjustment, and ends with a few sets of strengthening exercises to help rebuild/correct the muscle structure around the spine. Dr. Cintron has also given me "homework" exercises to compliment his treatment plan. Another difference between this office and others was the THOROUGH evaluation on my first visit. I've never had a Chiropractor take photos of my posture as well as x-rays to determine the problem(s), treatment(s), and provide a baseline for progress. (But after he did, I was a bit upset that no one else had taken that same type of initiative-I mean, how would anyone really know the complete extent of a condition without x-rays?!) If you have any spinal related aches, I highly recommend going to see Dr. Cintron at Protective Chiropractic to see how he can alleviate them. There's nothing better than walking into the office with the stress of the day pounding in your head and walking out feeling a hundred times more comfortable and lighter. Cat. R. - Schenectady

I have often been told "A Chiropractor might be able to help relieve your headaches," but I never took the steps to find a Chiropractor. I often drove be practices wondering if that would be a "good one." One day at ABC Sports and Fitness, I saw a sign that Dr. Cintron was going to be there. "Perfect," I thought, I can finally get an opinion regarding my daily headaches. Dr. Cintron performed a brief examination and he felt there was a strong possibility he could help me, but he wanted to perform a more comprehensive examination with X-rays to know for sure. After the full examination it was determined, he could help me. After a week of treatment, I began to fell relief. My headaches were not occurring daily anymore. After about one month of treatment, it is safe to say I have very few, if any headaches anymore! I continue to see Dr. Cintron on a weekly basis. The reason I continue to see Dr. Cintron is due to his professionalism. 1) He made no promises that he could help me until after a full examination was completed. This gave me the confidence that I was not going to waste any time or money without results. 2) Dr. Cintron educated me on the lifestyle changes I could do to help the healing begin and continue. 3) Dr. Cintron is very professional, yet friendly and easy to talk to, to ask questions - very personable. I actually look forward to my weekly visit! 4) Convenient - the location on Rt. 9 is very convenient allowing me to take full advantage of his services. 5) Staff- the office staff is friendly and accommodating. As cliche as it may sound, I only regret that I didn't meet Dr. Cintron sooner. I highly recommend his service and care! - Andrea C.

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Office Hours

Monday: 11:00am - 1:00pm 
Tuesday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Thursday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

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Protective Chiropractic
At Protective Chiropractic, we focus on the fundamental principle that BETTER structure of the spine can lead to BETTER function of the body. When your body structure isn’t a normal position, conditions and symptoms eventually appear.
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